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Brand Nubian

^ 2/3 of Brand Nubian

That’s right everyone, I was there. As always, the show started incredibly late and there were way to many people on stage distracting from the real action. I took the picture on the left with my cellphone, I wish I had my real camera with me. Questlove was twittering the entire time onstage while tons of doodleheads took up space on stage. I’m glad I was there, even if it was a madhouse.

A number of people showed up like Just Ice and 2/3 of Brand Nubian!

> Photos of Rakim

> Video of Rakim from

> More Video of Rakim

> Even more Video – this time from

HusH ToursI absolutely want to do THIS. I know I can be a little one-sided about my taste in music, but man this looks cool.
Now I just have to get some people together and pick which tour to go on!

– Hip Hop Tour Led by Pioneers
– Walk This Way – The Hip Hop Walking Tour
– Harlem Hip Hop Church with Kurtis Blow
– The Brooklyn/Queens Experience

“HusH Tours, is the Original Hip Hop Culture Reality Sightseeing Tour Company. Explore the past 3 decades of New York City’s Musical History. See, hear and feel the true meaning of the elements of hip hop with the Celebrity Pioneers as your personal tour guides.”

KID ROBOT had a toy signing at thier SoHo store. I keep asking everyone to confirm how BADASS these are. So let me set a few things straight…

  • Yes, I went the Kid Robot at 6pm to buy a set of “dolls”
  • No, I will not tell you how much I spent on them (it’s easy enough to figure out)
  • Yes, I went back at 6:30 to GET ON LINE to get all four signed
  • No, I will not sell them on e-bay (even though I could make a fortune)

So this toy signing was like nothing I’ve ever been to before. All of humanity came together for free Red Stripe, kickass music and of course, the chance to discuss the meaning of life.

One discussion that my line-mates and I had was regarding which cultural category we now belonged to. I felt that waiting on line to get some dolls signed might make me a bit of a dork. Another person in line said that she liked to think that we were hipsters. Yet another person liked the word “geek” because he also was a member of the masses that waited on line to see Star Wars. Whatever the label, we were all sweating our asses off to get these toys signed. I can’t explain what made me wait online to do this, but I (only partially joking) told everyone that this was our Woodstock. Are we all dorks because that made everyone laugh?

If anyone has any pictures of the signing or knows of all the film cameras that were there, let me know.