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In all the time I’ve lived in Brooklyn, I can’t believe I never got my a$$ to BAM. I guess it took ?uestlove to get me there, and for Shuffle Culture no less. Had perfect seats in the fist row of the Mezzanine and loved being shaken up by the switching between different music. Hard to explain what it was, but I like that.

Favorite Part: Audiobots by a landslide. Rahzel and Kenny Muhammad. Now that’s Beat-MOTHERFUCKIN-Boxing. Could barely stand it they were so good.

Runner Up: Deerhoof’s cover of PJ Harvey’s Plants and Rags.

Waiting for the curtain to go up at BAM.

HusH ToursI absolutely want to do THIS. I know I can be a little one-sided about my taste in music, but man this looks cool.
Now I just have to get some people together and pick which tour to go on!

– Hip Hop Tour Led by Pioneers
– Walk This Way – The Hip Hop Walking Tour
– Harlem Hip Hop Church with Kurtis Blow
– The Brooklyn/Queens Experience

“HusH Tours, is the Original Hip Hop Culture Reality Sightseeing Tour Company. Explore the past 3 decades of New York City’s Musical History. See, hear and feel the true meaning of the elements of hip hop with the Celebrity Pioneers as your personal tour guides.”