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In all the time I’ve lived in Brooklyn, I can’t believe I never got my a$$ to BAM. I guess it took ?uestlove to get me there, and for Shuffle Culture no less. Had perfect seats in the fist row of the Mezzanine and loved being shaken up by the switching between different music. Hard to explain what it was, but I like that.

Favorite Part: Audiobots by a landslide. Rahzel and Kenny Muhammad. Now that’s Beat-MOTHERFUCKIN-Boxing. Could barely stand it they were so good.

Runner Up: Deerhoof’s cover of PJ Harvey’s Plants and Rags.

Waiting for the curtain to go up at BAM.

I have been waiting to go to this since I first heard about it. It was an incredible night. If anyone has the names of the people who performed with the Roots at the 4/9 show please leave comments below. ?uestlove had a 6AM flight and it looked like he was getting frustrated with the band a bit but they all still killed it.
I’ve already convinced two other people to check this out. Now it is your turn.

Here is a very bad picture of the Highline Ballroom, which is an amazing venue I might add… Can’t wait to go again. Tickets are only $10.


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Jesse Boykins III… (Video is rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise but the audio is good)