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Brand Nubian

^ 2/3 of Brand Nubian

That’s right everyone, I was there. As always, the show started incredibly late and there were way to many people on stage distracting from the real action. I took the picture on the left with my cellphone, I wish I had my real camera with me. Questlove was twittering the entire time onstage while tons of doodleheads took up space on stage. I’m glad I was there, even if it was a madhouse.

A number of people showed up like Just Ice and 2/3 of Brand Nubian!

> Photos of Rakim

> Video of Rakim from

> More Video of Rakim

> Even more Video – this time from

OK, so the good music keeps on coming. I got me the new Roots CD yesterday for my birthday! The Tipping Point is amazing. Does anyone know what Black Thought is saying in “Don’t Say Nuthin'”? They are giving away $4000, so check out thier website @ the roots @.

And check this out. ?uestlove’s (no that’s not a type-o) record library! I’ve seen the roots more than once in concert and they give the BEST live show I’ve ever been to. I was completely blown away. I was disappointed with the Gang Starr, Mos Def, etc… concert I went to at BBKings. It was worth it for sure, especially to hear Mos Def. I really need to see more of him before long. The Roots entire concert was great! The sound was great, the vibe was great, the croud was awesome. I saw them once at the knitting Factory. I was right in the front row (which you know if you read my website archives).

Anyone out there sick of wack rap? Can I get a witness?